The Ticklish World of Mr. Ticklishness

Mandy Candy is terribly, terribly ticklish. She has been tickled before, but not like this, there is nothing like being in my rack. There is no hope of escape, Mandy know she is totally screwed. Tay starts her off with some feathers, already Mandy cannot take it and her anxiety is taking over, soon she is terrified of what Tay may do and worse that she many not stop. When Tay starts with her fingers, Mandy is desperate for the tickling to stop but it doesn’t, Tay just moves on to other ridiculously ticklish spots, spots Mandy didn’t even know she had. The tickling is brutal, totally ruthless, and Tay is just getting warmed up. She moves on to Mandy’s gorgeous soles, Mandy’s situation gets more and more desperate. Tay goes back to her body to finish her off, Mandy is spent, broken, crying.

Niki Lee Young has very ticklish armpits, but she thinks some lick tickling will be more erotic and playful. The Master is bit more aggressive with his tongue, at first teasing her and then nibbling, she goes nuts. She gets a little upset with me too, the armpit raspberries drive her totally crazy.

Niki Lee Young has been tickled many times before, but I have been asked over and over for a titty tickle with her. Turns out her tits are extremely ticklish, especially with babyoil. The Master start off with light teasing, Niki is already thinking this is a bad idea! He tickles her tits, nipples, areolas, even the outline of her boobs, pretty much every part! He tickles nothing else but titties, so if you are titty tickle fan, this is a must have.

Abby is naked and stretched on the new Rack, Alaina wants a little playful payback on Abby for what she did to her on the rack earlier. Alaina tickles Abby’s entire body and finds all of her spots.

Alaina is racked and stretched, Abby has her way with her cute little body, tickling her pretty much everywhere.

Luna Vera totally took advantage of Cameron’s very ticklish body in the New Rack, I guess I should have told her that Cameron would be getting some revenge! He definitely enjoys every second of it, tickling her feet and body.

Little Lizzy is horribly ticklish, no way she wants to go through again what Tay put her through. So Luna promises her to only use her tongue and feathers, which Lizzy doesnt realize drives her crazy as well. And Luna breaks her promise and wrecks Lizzy at the end with finger tickling on Lizzy’s helpless armpits.

Anonymous said: Tell me have you ever been tied up and tickled until you cum ?! 😳☺️ Explain it to me with all details if you could 😳🙈😹

Unfortunately I have never been :/

Anonymous said: i love that comic of that girl be ing tickled on her breasts

which one?

Anonymous said: Any time you can jump On me & start tickling 😋AHhhhhhh ,, hhhhoooohhahahahhaha sttahahahhoopp 😂😂 you'll gonna kill mee hehahahahhaaaah.😭😭 I caahahan't breathe 😖😂 (BTW my name is lucy 😚. Whats your name so that I can think of you ?!

My name is max. But maybe I was too nasty for beginning. To be a little bit nicer, I would slowly rub baby oil all over your naked body, mainly on your upper body. But as you want some ticking too I will drag my fingers on your sides (what do they look like if it’s not too intrusive?)