The Ticklish World of Mr. Ticklishness

Brooke Thomsen is on the bed, naked and man is she gorgeous. Sasha wants to explore every part of her ticklish body, starting with her feet. Brooke’s feet are very sensitive but her upper body is crazy ticklish, Sasha as hit the jackpot, lol.

Niki Lee Young is crazy ticklish we all know that, she kind of likes the torture, but she will not be able to take the two of them on her at once. Tommy teases and denies her while Tasha tickles her, then they both tickle her at the same time when she gets very close to orgasm. In the end Tommy let her cum, but Tasha and then Tommy finish her off with some brutal finger tickling.

Cadence Lux is first in the stocks, I cant help but get some one on one time with her soles. After a few minutes, I get her in the combo position and get those legs spread, time to have some fun with her pussy. I tickle and tease her with the vibrator, I wont let her cum so easily. I tease and deny her several times before finally letting her cum really hard, but of course I must tickle her after her orgasm. I let her cum two more times, the last time she cums incredibly hard so it only seems right to tickle her hard right after.

Tales of Tickling vol.1 3/3

Tales of Tickling vol.1 2/3

Tales of Tickling vol. 1 1/3

Anonymous said: Do u tickle tits?

yes of course!

Anonymous said: Can u do one about are a girl getting kidnapped then used as a tickle slave for the rest of her life???

thats possible